5 Tips to Living a Positive Life

We create our own reality, every choice and action we make has a knock on effect to how our environment moulds itself around us. If you are to fill your life with negative thoughts and actions then this will eventually bite us on the bum, what goes around comes around so let’s make sure we put the good stuff out there. Reggie teaches the mini magnets daily about the power of having a positive mindset. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to remove negativity from your life, but baby little steps in the right direction can have a huge impact on your life. Read on to find how…

1. Know Your Purpose – There is nothing more beautiful and uplifting than living a life full or purpose. Once you know your purpose be 100% committed to it and watch your life flow from strength to strength. You will know when you have found your purpose because you will be excited and buzzing about it, you will wake up with a spring in your step excited about the opportunities that the day will bring.

To know what your purpose in life should be is quite simple. What makes you happy? What things did you, or do you love doing as a child? What activity do you get so lost in that you lose track of time? Most importantly what does your heart tell you it is? There are other ways of finding out what your purpose is and meditation is an excellent tool for this. Check out our earlier post 5 Tips to Help Your Child Meditate 

2. Give Positive Meaning to Everything – None of us have a life that is 100% happy all the time. The truth is life can be hard and difficult at times, but the trick to making life easier is to see the positive in absolutely everything, even the bad stuff. Gratitude has a humongous effect on leading a positive life. So when you next go through a difficult time or something bad happens try and look at it and think to yourself “what is this trying to teach me… what can I learn from this?” Some situations are harder than others to find a positive spin on, but everything in life no matter how hard eventually shows us a life lesson. If we can learn to be grateful for that it will ultimately make us have a much more peaceful state of mind.

3. What Goes Around Comes Around – This saying really is true, be mindful of what you put out into the world. Everything has a consequence and if you put negativity out there followed by negative actions then guess what? You got it… right back at ya! So choose very wisely with what words come out of your mouth and what actions you take towards others. By being kind, not gossiping, resisting anger, jelousy, fear, doubt and all the other negative emotions you are putting only good out into the world. What you put out is what you get back so if you give kindness, understanding, love, caring then you in turn will have much of it flowing back into your life.

4. See the Good in Everyone – Everyone is an amazing, unique and extraordinary being full of our own unique talents and gifts. The best gift that you can give to yourself is to go out and see the beauty in everyone, appreciate everyones unique skill set and learn from them, this will help you so much with your journey in life. See that everybody has good in them, and ignore any flaws. If you can be non judgmental with the things that seem a bit out of place and unfamiliar, you will find life flows so much better. We are all unique and if we could all accept each others differences rather than pass judgement the world would be a much more harmonious place.

5. Be adventurous – My favourite part… life is an adventure, grab it with both hands and be fearless with your direction. Change is always scary, but to get the most out of your life and to live one with more positivity change is a must! You only grow when you are uncomfortable so do it as often as you can. Think about the times that scared you the most and the feelings you had after you had overcome the challenge, didn’t you feel great? Didn’t you feel on top of the world and so proud with yourself for doing so? That is why it is so important to be adventurous and fearless. Change is not something to be feared it is something to be embraced. Reggie’s tips on how to build your confidence can help you on the path to being more adventurous.

Now that I have shared these tips with you, its time for you to go and start applying them. Reggie likes to use these tips to help him live a more positive life. Remember a small step in the right direction is all it takes to make big changes in your life. Start applying these tips today and I just know your life will be better for it. Shine your bright light onto the world beautiful soul.

Corrina xx

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