How to Build Your Confidence.

Being confident is crucial to bettering yourself as a human being. Its about knowing who you are at the deepest core of your being. You must believe in yourself and know you are beautiful. You are powerful. And you are strong. Stand in your power and don’t let anyone stand in your way. Read these 5 tips below to find out how you can take control of your self-confidence right now.

1. Be kind to yourself. Insecurity feeds from negative self-beliefs and self-doubt. You must allocate time for doing the things you love and in doing that, you will prioritize your needs and mark yourself as important.

2. Trying new things. It is extremely important to put yourself out there and forget what people think of you. Too often we build up an image in our heads based on external factors and we lose track of who we really are. So, stop letting other people stand in your way of going out and getting that new haircut, or trying that new sport at your gym. Go and explore!

3. Meditating. Meditation is one of the most beneficial ways to clear your mind of all thoughts. When you practise meditation, you can find clarity and that is how you can focus your mind and lose any negative thoughts that may be holding you back. You can learn more about the art of meditation in our blog post 5 tips to help your child meditate.

4. Spending time alone. Many people are afraid of being in their own space. But it’s an opportunity to discover and learn new things about yourself. With no one to distract you from your-self and your emotions, you can focus more on your own core values. Therefore, growing your confidence without needing someone to lean on.

5. Spend time doing the things you love. It is so important you make some time during the day at least once or twice a week to play. When you engage in something that makes you happy it releases endorphins in your brain that not only make you a happy person but help you to build up your confidence levels. And it doesn’t have to be an outdoor activity it could be reading a book, or painting. Maybe you even like to play the flute! Who knows. Go and enjoy yourself.

So now I’ve shared with you a few tips on how to build your confidence, go and apply these small things into your every day life and start to notice the change in yourself. Reggie uses all these tips and tricks in his everyday life to better himself as a human being. You can too! Stand in your truth. Don’t let anyone bring you down. You are powerful, and you are loved.

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Aalayah xx