5 Tips for How You and Your Child can Benefit From Creativity

Creativity has such an important role in society and can be so beneficial to your mind, body and soul. This is why Reggie created the creativity centre, he knows how important it is to embrace the inner child within you.

When you are doing something creative, you are allowing your mind to switch off for that moment in time while you are focusing purely on the present, nothing else. Whether it is through, drawing, painting, dancing, singing, cooking, playing an instrument… whatever creative outlet you choose, that time that you decide to give yourself is so beneficial to your well being.

Reggie would like to share some tips below on how you could incorporate some creativity into your life.

1.     Choose something that you are passionate about – When you do something that you truly love you find that it is not a case of “Oh I have to do this” but more a “Yay I cannot wait to do it” and once you start you find it very hard to stop. So find a topic that is close to your heart, there are so many to choose from. You have drawing, painting, crafting, writing, music, photography, cooking, science, the list is endless. Creativity isn’t just about arts and crafts it is about using your mind to turning dreams and thoughts into reality so inventing things, experimenting with recipes, making up your own song… all these things are a form of creativity.

2.     Finding your passion – It is simple to find your passion, think about that one thing that you absolutely love doing. There must be something that you could spend a whole afternoon doing and not get bored with… that is your passion right there. For the grown ups  a good way of finding something you are passionate about is to ask yourself, what did you like doing as a child? What activities truly made you happy? It is the activities that filled us with joy as a child that is a key to knowing your passion.

3.     Take some time out now and again to create just for you – It is so important to take some time out just for you now and again. Spending some time every day doing something creative is the perfect way to recharge your batteries and put any stresses from the day to the back of your mind. Try and choose a time of the day that best suits you, start off with just fifteen minutes a day and stick to it everyday. You will find that you will naturally want to spend more and more time doing it as the days go on.

4.     Keep things simple – You want this daily routine to be enjoyable and something that you look forward to doing every day so don’t over think things. You are not creating your next masterpiece… you are simply having fun. If it turns out awful, who cares, just enjoy the time you have given yourself to be creative and enjoy the process. Practice makes perfect and you will come across moments when things don’t work but also there will be times when you will feel really proud of yourself.

5.     Get creative with others – Creativity is great on your own but is really fun with others. Get the whole family involved if you can. Reggie likes to hold workshops in his creativity centre where all the mini magnets come together to create. We are social beings by nature so feel happiest when mixing with others so why not find what you are passionate with and share it with your friends and family. You could have a weekly creativity session where you all sit down and swap ideas and make something together.

So now that I have shared with you some tips on how to incorporate creativity into your every day life why not think about what your passion is and act on it. You are amazing, go out there and show the world what you are made of.

Much love to you.



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