5 tips to help you and your children to stay fit

Staying active is essential. As humans, our bodies need to be exercised. We need to keep our muscles in tip top shape. We should be able to run like the wind and jump as high as a frog. The best way to do that and ensure your children can do the same, is to start early. Read on to find out some easy ways to do so.

  1. Motivation – As parents, finding new ways to excite your children to be active can be difficult. Especially if your child doesn’t like exercising. Finding a hobby where your child will be moving around is an easy way to start. For example if they play a school sport like football or basketball.This gets your child up and active without dragging them on a run or to a gym class. They also get to interact with other children who enjoy the same thing. Going to football, basketball practise for them can be exciting because they get to see their friends that means they are excited to go and play a sport.


  1. Exercising isn’t difficult -Finding ways to exercise with your childrenshould be easy. You can go for a hike, walk the dog, make up a dance routine in the living room or go swimming at the local pool. All of these things can be done without much planning. As long as you are moving you are being active.


  1. Be spontaneous – You don’t have to have a set workout time every day. Yu can exercise anywhere. If you’re waiting in a long line you can ask your kid to do 10 push-ups or sit-ups to pass time. Or get them to race you along the street from lamp post to lamp post. Keep your bodies moving.


  1. Do it for a cause – If you and your children don’t particularly enjoy getting out and about to keep fit, you can try doing it for a charity. Research a local organization and find a walk or a run to do as a whole family. You can even bring family and


  1. Start small – We lose motivation when we try to do too much too soon; it’s unsustainable. Running 5K may be a goal that’s further away for your family, but walking one mile isn’t. What’s most important for motivation is accomplishing and completing a task on a consistent basis, not the size of the task itself. So pick smaller tasks to do and build yourselves up to 5k.


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